Made For Each Other


Have you ever experienced that? That feeling? When you are standing a foot across from a stranger and still feel a definite connect?

When you are seeing her for the first time and still it seems like you have been gazing her for eons together? And yet cannot have enough of her?

You have to be one lucky man if someone ever arouses that feeling in you. And you have to be one foolish man to not hold onto that special one.

It was a Saturday and not many people were around in my office locale.

Before the story proceeds – a special mention here. I let my weekdays be utter mundane so that I can treat myself well on weekends. Rather I make a point to treat myself well on weekends. This way, the boring and mundane weekday life let me value the niceties of the weekend and the extravaganzas of the weekend let me value and cherish the boring routine of the week.

So it was a Saturday and I was in office to finish the spillover work from the week. Instead of grabbing the boring and monotonous machine prepared coffee, I walked downstairs to grab one from the nearest café.

To call it a café would be a disservice; it’s almost like a lounge. The long walk from the entrance to the counter fills your nostril with the intoxicating and captivating smell of freshly brewed coffee and melting chocolate brownies.

The air thick with overpowering smell and fragrances fills you up with joy, the one, which stems from sheer anticipation.

So I pulled the door of the café open and stepped into that familiar arousing smell of coffee interlaced with hints of melting chocolate. The very wafts of the fragrance filled my walking gait with a certain pomp and fervor.

Almost all of the baristas there know me well and they usually start preparing my coffee, before me having to tell them. They know my usual – Americano with a little over a teaspoon of milk and no sugar, whatsoever.

My coffee was in process of getting prepared and I was reaching out for my wallet when I suddenly realized something. The omnipresent smell of coffee and cake was somehow getting subdued and a mild but definite fragrant air was encompassing me like none other.

The air around was now laden with a fragrance with a base note of sweet citrus and an undertone of aromatic oils of jasmine. I couldn’t help but turn my head around.

The harsh light burst from the distant glass doors of the café was outlining a silhouette. As that silhouette walked past all the table and lounge style wing chairs, the fragrance too grew stronger.

She was now standing right in front of the ordering counter and was peeping past the glass canopy of the food refrigeration.

She was standing firm, and still, her eyes were gazing past those arrays of cakes and brownies placed behind that glass canopy.

Not only did she smelled like an orchid, but a very visual of her was like taking a walk in a vast green meadow, that too the one which has just blossomed with a thousand wild valley flowers.

She was neither too tall and nor too short. Her stature had an innate charm and grace in it. Her skin alone spoke a thousand mesmerizing words.

If you take some rich Belgian chocolate and then grate it finely over the finest of the fine coconut butter; then churn the two together – it was that. Her rich chocolate colored shining complexion spoke (rather, whispered) the most mystic of the poems. It could, in one glance, take you to the summer Alps and beyond.

She was now done looking for her order. It was probably a shortcake.

And with each passing moment, which by the way felt like an eon, I couldn’t help but feel drawn unto her and her magic of realms.

She slightly turned toward her right and narrated her to the barista across the counter. Her eyes were now more visible now. They were lined with Kajal (Kohl).

A Kajal so deep that it could make a moonless night seem an enlighten one.

Her eyes, in the word, which could describe them, were smoky and mysterious.

Those smoky eyes heavily guarded with fine but prominent curvy lines of Kajal seemed like an eternity incarnated.

It was as if you were on a cruise, navigating through a lovely early evening sea and dark dense cotton-like smoky cloud start growing over the horizon. They make the sea seem rough and mysterious but they are beautiful and a vision to behold forever nonetheless.

Her hair long, thick and black, were tied in a ponytail; with an exception of a string or two swinging unbound across her right cheek. The tied hair brought a prominence to her facial contour and complemented her slightly high and wide cheekbones.

She was wearing a polka dotted maxi skirt and a plain tucked in a denim shirt. The skirt and the denim shirt were no matches together, but out of that disarray arose eloquence; one, which only a confident, content and comfortable-in-her-own-skin girl could exude.

She must have ordered a coffee as she was now stepping toward the coffee take out counter. As she stepped closer to me, my heart started pounding like never before. It must have skipped a beat or two, but who cared?

She stepped even further closer and looked me into the eye. As I looked deep into those two carved gems, I could see a confluence of dawn and dusk in them. They were deep and they were two short and sweet poems set in dark gold.

She now smiled and requested me if I could reach for her coffee on the counter and hand it over to her. I was probably obstructing her approach to the coffee counter while waiting for my own.

I nodded.

She was looking me into my eyes as if she too knew that we were supposed to be together and were made for each other in the heavens above.

Her smile was acknowledging the fact that we always had a deeper connection and it was just a matter of time before we met.

As I reached out for her coffee on the counter with my right hand, I noticed something.

There was a glaring platinum ring on my finger.

I was already engaged. Engaged to a girl to whom I was bonded with that ring.

It was as if a sweet and mystic dream had come to an abrupt end. The ring and the visuals that it evoked in my mind pulled me out of that dream, that reverie.

Though that sweet girl was still standing beside me, but I was suddenly pulled out of that very engrossing moment.

I handed her coffee to her and she thanked me. She was about to say something when I turned and picked up my own coffee and walked out of that café.

Have you ever seen a river trickling down from the glacier? She was that.

Have you ever seen a dewdrop accumulating on a rose petal? She was that.

Have you ever seen maple leaves in full colors, swinging in autumn winds? She was that.

Have you ever seen dark beautiful clouds forming on distant evening horizon? She was that.

Have you ever seen winds ruffling the freshly blossomed flowerbeds? She was that.

She was innocence personified. She deserved someone better, someone who was not bound by the ring.

My heart was still pounding and probably was refusing to believe that we were not made for each other.

Or, better yet.

We were indeed Made For Each Other by the heavens above but were not placed together at the right place and at the right time.


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