The Song of Fire & Ice


The Song of Fire & Ice

Background – A French Vassal is threatening a newly formed Kingdom in Isles of England. The vassals would attack and ransack the Union if the King doesn’t take vassal’s daughter as his son’s wedded wife. But the priests of the Union warn the Prince.

The young girl was born to rule to whichever household she gets married to.

The Union sun will climb down and the Norman lion will engulf the Sun.

The Prince is set on a journey of saving his own Kingdom from an Exotic and Beautiful disaster.

The Song –

For me she was never right,

For me she was a walking plight.

The final destination was not emancipation,

The journey was towards complete renunciation.

This is a Song of Fire & Ice.

My kins were swimming against the flow,

To uphold the Union sun’s glow.

They were not thinking right,

They were doing what they deemed right.

This is a Song of Fire & Ice.

I grabbed my shining dagger,

And rode swiftly towards the east.

The Sun was yet to ascend,

The keys to the destination still to be mend.

This is a Song of Fire & Ice.

The masquerading plague was in the castle,

I tackled all guards in a hassle.

The clarions were now blurting danger,

The king grew dark in unfathomable anger.

This is a Song of Fire & Ice.

While the guards were searching the tower,

I climbed castle wall under night’s cover.

The destiny was to be made right,

Diplomacy was to be stabbed full and tight.

This is a Song of Fire & Ice.

The shining blade was now deep in her back,

She turned and gasped seeing her betroth.

Her face was shining in nascent moon’s light,

She was as pure as a lotus white.

This is a Song of Fire & Ice.

She gasped for air as her eyes dwindled,

Seeing her in agony my heart kindled.

She was crying shrill and high,

With a pain in her heart and high.

This is a Song of Fire & Ice.

The word must have reached you of the forebode,

I blame you not for stabbing your betroth.

You are protecting the Union sun,

I have ever loved you from day one.

This is a Song of Fire & Ice.

As she was finally closing her eyes,

Her innocence was peeping through her eyes.

Filling me guilt and remorse,

I didn’t descend but jumped onto the beds of rock below.

This is a Song of Fire & Ice.


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