The Answering Machine – A Road to Health, Wealth & Prosperity


Ever wanted to achieve something very specific in life? And all you can see is obstacles around? No clear path in sight? You want it so desperately, yet have no clue how to?

Welcome aboard. Aboard the special club of people, who made it big in life. None of them, and believe me on this, none of them had an iota of clue about the path to their destination.

So, at least you are starting on the right footing. Now, what all matters is your subsequent step toward your goals. When I say step, I do not want you to just wing it or fly by intuition. I am asking you to have faith, faith in your own infinite intelligence and intellect.

Ever wondered why psychologists keep coming up with newer and better parameters for measuring IQ (Intelligence Quotients). It is almost like five blind men trying to measure up the metaphorical elephant. They just do not know where to begin from and where to conclude. Such is the vastness of Human Intellect. Normal people under special circumstances show extraordinary courage and wisdom. Such is the capacity of Human Intellect.

There are no Winners and Losers in life. There are only Believers and Non-Believers, people who have faith and people who do not.

But the thing is even if you (because of your life experiences) have little to no faith in your own wisdom and capability. You can develop one.

Have you ever been around any old-style Answering machine? If you have ever called anyone with voice-mail or answering machine activated, you would know what I mean.

You can keep talking to it, but it will play the same message over and over again. It doesn’t mind what the question is. It has the same answer to offer. Until unless the owner of the machine reprograms it.

Now the catch – That Answering Machine is your brain or mind, the person calling it is you and (now the biggest catch) the owner of that answering is also you.

Your mind is an answering machine. Your random thoughts, your self-talks and your instant reactions to every mundane situation are your mind’s (pre-programmed) recorded message playing over and over again.

Remember the obstacle we were talking about at the beginning of the article. The obstacles to the path to your success and dreams, they exist only in your mind.

They were built brick by brick by your own conscious thoughts and fed to your subconscious mind. Your pre-programmed mind is the only thing holding you back from achieving what all you desire.

Do you drive a modest hatchback? Do you want to own a swanky sports car? What if I told you, you could? They, the carmaker are manufacturing it just for you; only that you have not realized it up until now.

You imagine yourself zooming past in that dream car of yours, and then you suddenly realize – Nah! That’s not happening. I am not working hard for that or I am not smart enough or maybe I was meant to live a modest life.

None of it is true. These are just messages you are recording on your answering machine. Which then will be played back to you, each time you will desire something good or great. And those playbacks will demotivate you further.

It’s an endless downward spiral you are building for your own self.

But here is the good news, you can snap out of it, if not instantly, then eventually.

You just need to tell your brain and mind, the right thing. Don’t feed him – “I cannot do it.” or “I cannot have it.” Don’t clip his wings. The Human mind can invent the wheel and put a man on Moon too. Lets yours enjoy the freedom of thinking and wishing. When your mind want to visualize you in that Big Mansion with a Pool or you driving a Porsche, let him do so. Tell him (your mind) its okay to wish and dream, and encourage him like you would encourage a child. Tell him good things happen to those who dream big. Tell him that you have faith in him. And then wait and watch how your mind will work relentlessly (like your faithful) fulfilling all your dreams and wishes.

You don’t tell a kid that he cannot achieve anything good in his life. When you don’t instill insecurities and self-doubts in a young kid, why do it to your own mind?

Imagine that Big Mansion (house) of yours, that shining Luxury Car of yours is on the Design Board. They are being designed, just for you.

Visualize your goal and when you see those imaginary obstacles, just remember one thing – Those obstacles are like those monsters under the bed. They can scare you, only until you believe they are there. The moment you gather your courage and peep under the bed, they will vanish.

Whenever you see those hurdles, take a deep breath and charge toward them with all your might. They will bow to your courage and pave the path ahead for you.

Most of the successful people (barring a very few) knew only about their goals and desires but knew nothing about how to achieve it. Their minds were clueless and pockets were empty. They possessed just one thing – Faith in their hearts of heart.

But either their mind (filled with faith) guided them to their destiny and paved one path after another. Or they found the right people (again due to their own sincerity and faith) who guided them to their destination.

One last note – desires often have their own price, which desirer has to pay.

You need to sacrifice something to get what you want. It’s usually something, which is now your habit and keeping you from seeking your goal.

Like Office’s water-cooler gossip? Give it up.

Like Oversleeping? Give it up.

Like eating to a stupor? Give it up.

Like condemning other successful people as being fraud? Give it up.

Like cribbing? Complaining? Give it up.

Like telling your self that your desires are not worth it? Or you are not worth it?

Just give it up, already.

That beautiful Maiden named Success is waiting for you. She doesn’t want stars or the moon, she just wants you to reach out to her.








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